Waterproof SDHC Card is Cool, But Pointless

We have no idea who would have a use for this product other than people who often forget to empty their pockets before diving into the pool. That said, this falls firmly into the “kinda pointless but kinda cool,” category.

Representing the highest capacity of waterproofed SD card, Kingmax’s 32GB SDHC, uses the company’s patented PIP technology and is waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, protecting your data and keeping your snaps safe, rain or shine.

Without knowing how much they cost, it’s hard to say who’d want to use these. If they’re relatively cheap, we’d go ahead and buy them just for the sake of it. Can’t hurt to have a little extra protection from the elements, right? However, if they’re pricey, we’d say skip it. We’ve yet to lose an SD card to water damage so paying a premium price just to guarantee it never happens seems silly.

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  • Kill@dor
    I think data protection is important, but wow they took that to the next level ^_^
  • Anonymous
    Its only pointless if you plan to never drop your SD card in water. Plan is the key word. Stop "sensationalizing" the headlines just so people read them.... i know.. that's the point of a headline, but come on people.
  • icepick314
    until they make it bomb- and nuclear-proof, those things are WEAK!!!

    these days, with all the stuff happening around the world, if it can't withstand C4 or semtax blast, water and dust is least of your worries....