Lenovo Unveils New Smart TV, IdeaTab and S2 Smartphone

On Sunday Lenovo revealed a whole batch of new products, ranging from tablets to Smart TVs. The onslaught of devices is part of Lenovo's new "Personal Cloud" vision of creating a seamless digital experience for its customers across multiple form factors.

"Lenovo is breaking down the barriers of device differentiation and weaving together hardware, software and cloud services that are connected, experiential and dynamic,"  said Liu Jun, senior vice president and president, Mobile Internet and Digital Home business group. "We understand our users need more than just the traditional keyboard and screen for a truly satisfying digital experience."

First up to bat is Lenovo's K91, the "world's first" Smart TV running Google's Android 4.0 "Ice Cream Sandwich" OS and Qualcomm's 6080 Snapdragon dual-core SoC. Other hardware specs include a full 55-inch HD IPS panel at 240 Hz, SRS TruSurround, 3D FPR technology, voice control with natural language processing and speech recognition technology, and a built-in 5MP webcam with face recognition technology. Cloud support enables file sharing between the Smart TV and other devices, and both the Android Market and Lenovo Store provide thousands of apps to install.

Also in the Personal Cloud vision is the new IdeaTab S2 10-inch tablet measuring just one-third of an inch and weighing 1.1 lbs. It also features the new Qualcomm Snapdragon 8960 dual core SoC, Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich and Lenovo's own Mondrian UI. Combined with the detachable (yet light) keyboard dock, the tablet will reportedly deliver up to 20 hours of battery life. Owners will also have access to both the Android Market and the Lenovo App Shop.

Finally Lenovo will offer the S2 smartphone which includes the latest Qualcomm Snapdragon technology and Google's Android 2.3 operating system.

"The device includes a unique Kernel-level security system to protect personal data, prevent phishing, and control network and SMS traffic," the company said. "Users can also take advantage of its 8MP super camera to capture amazing panoramic photos on the go. S2 is also ready for the Cloud, and instantly syncs photos, music, videos and personal information with a dedicated online storage space for easy sharing across multiple devices."

The IdeaTab S2 tablet, S2 smartphone and K91 Smart TV are available immediately in China. Lenovo will be releasing these products worldwide at a later date. Meanwhile, Lenovo plans to show these three products this week during CES 2012 in Las Vegas, so stay tuned for more coverage.

  • digiex
    Android is spreading its branches beyond smart phones and tablets, there are also multimedia players that sports Android as an OS.
  • spookie
    S2...just hope Samsung wouln't sue them!
  • rakesh_toms
    Very interested about the Idepad and keyboard dock. May be a good alternative to Asus Transformer Prime which repotedly has buggy GPS and Wifi
  • huron
    I've been waiting on the new Lenovo tablet since Engadget leaked it months ago. Hoping to pick up a tablet soon
  • freggo
    That TV sounds like something I want; if only the price is not up there in the clouds...
  • house70
    I am waiting for some actual photos of the devices.
  • jryan388
    Since when does Lenovo make TVs?
  • kapil99
    Good to see that Lenovo have hitched their bandwagon to FPR - which makes for more comfortable, flicker free 3D glasses. LG 3D TV is of course the market leader in that segment, followed by Vizio. Also, the adoption of Android ICS 4.0 will create a point of differentiation for Lenovo in the otherwise cutthroat Smart TV category, again dominated by the likes of Samsung and LG Smart TV.