Finally: The Lytro Camera is Coming to the UK

Lytro was announced way back in June of 2011, but it didn't actually make it to stores until September of last year. Given how long it took to get the camera to market in the United States, we weren't surprised by the extended wait for customers in the United Kingdom. That said, those growing impatient with the wait will be pleased to note that the camera is finally on its way to a UK launch.


The Lytro light field camera allows you to capture images and refocus them later. It uses an 11-megaray sensor with a fixed f/2.0 and 8x optical zoom lens to capture all the light traveling in every direction in a scene. This means you can pick the area of the photo you want to be the focal point, and the days of crummy focusing ruining an otherwise great photo are gone. There's also WiFi for when you want to share your photos with friends.

Pocket-Lint cites Lytro as saying its light field camera will be available to buy in the UK later this month. The camera will be available in 16 GB and 8 GB capacities and will be priced at £469 and £399, respectively, when it does hit shelves. The 16 GB model will be in 'Red Hot,' while the 8 GB model will be available in 'Graphite,' 'Electric Blue,' 'Seaglass' or 'Moxie Pink.'

  • DelightfulDucklings
    That's actually really cool, I won't be buying one but that is really really cool
  • _Cosmin_
    I will be buying one when it will allow me to have the whole image in focus at once... now only let you se a single part in focus at a time.