Microsoft Sued For 32GB Surface Model Offering 16GB Free

Microsoft has been sued due to the 32GB variant of its Surface tablet delivering half that amount of storage space.

California lawyer Andrew Sokolowski filed the lawsuit relating to Microsoft's misleading advertisement regarding the storage space offered by Surface. He states that he bought the device in order to receive 32GB of storage before finding out he'd get just half of that.

Microsoft's Surface is indeed advertised as having 32GB of storage but delivers 16GB instead. However, the firm clearly states the situation regarding the tablet's storage space on its website, with the firm saying that the device comes pre-loaded with apps such as Word and Excel, as well as Windows recovery tools, while the bulk of storage space is taken by Windows RT. As for the 64GB model, users are left with 46GB of storage space.

The software company also delivers advice on the same FAQ in regards to how to get more space, including the suggestion of using SkyDrive cloud storage, a USB drive or a microSD memory card.

"We believe this lawsuit is without merit," a Microsoft spokesperson told CNET. "Customers understand the operating system and pre-installed applications reside on the device's internal storage thereby reducing the total free space."

Sokolowski's lawyers aim to obtain class action status with the Los Angeles Superior Court. The main purpose of the suit itself is to make the company change how it advertises its devices, as well as receiving damages for purported wrongful conduct.


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  • bystander
    If this wins, I guess every computer manufacturer who ever made a computer, tablet or phone will be liable for every thing ever made.
  • azathoth
    Legally, Microsoft is right.
    Their devices have 32GB of flash storage.

    However, with such weight of pre-installed applications leaving only 16GB of space that can be used, still advertising the device as 32GB of storage is certainly dishonorable.
    (Not that corporations have a problem with that.)
  • alevox
    Is there any kind of remedy in US courts that allows for penalties to be levied on frivolous lawsuits? No-one buys a phone, tablet or PC and expects the entire storage space to be available for their use, granted that Windows RT is far larger than Android or iOS, but it is no more misleading than any other PC maker.