Minecraft Hits Raspberry Pi for Free

Though it was initially aimed at teaching school children the ins and outs of programing, Raspberry Pi has captured the hearts of developers around the world and is extremely popular. This week, the Raspberry Pi Foundation announced that popular sandbox game Minecraft has finally arrived on the platform.

In a post titled 'Minecraft - It's here!' Raspberry Pi spokeswoman Liz Upton announced that Mojang has finished the Minecraft: Pi Edition port, and it’s already available for download. What's more, it's completely free. Upton added that those that downloaded the beta in December will want to update to the current version, which contains bug fixes.

"Thanks to all at Mojang for all the work you’ve done on this, and greetings to those of you who are coming to the Raspberry Pi platform to play this new edition," Upton wrote. "We're really happy to be able to welcome all you Minecrafters to the Pi family!"

Minecraft for Raspberry Pi was first announced in November at MinCon in Disneyland, Paris. You can snag Minecraft: Pi Edition over at http://pi.minecraft.net/.

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  • Estix
    And this, my friends, is how a game company should act.
  • master_chen
    HOLY.... F....
  • dark_knight33
    Good luck getting kids to pay attention to hardware programing now. LOL.
  • dark_knight33Good luck getting kids to pay attention to hardware programing now. LOL.
    Its a fully hackable version, but I doubt they would allow it to be installed on it anyway, the schools will mostly be using Model A which is not connected to the internet
  • Unfortunately this is the minecraft classic port, my kids wont go for it
  • techinator9000
    Hmm, mods anyone? XD. Free, and hackable!

    Neat stuff.
  • blazorthon
    jarntsUnfortunately this is the minecraft classic port, my kids wont go for it
    So, it has even fewer features than Minecraft PE for Android and iOS?
  • Wow alright...when I first saw this on http://minecrafthub.org I thought they got the date wrong. But YES its finally coming out! Woot!
  • mfzmou
    Minecraft free
    We love the graphics! Thanks for making this. The kids really enjoyed it. I found I needed to make some modifications though. First I had to trim the entire thing because of printer margins and secondly, folding it an additional time crossways helps with guiding folding and later playing the game.
  • Justin Barnie
    AWESOME!! Me and my friends talked about this a long time ago. Gonna be fun. Hopefully you can still build stuff like in the regular minecraft? http://minecraftblogs.com Build forts and stuff?