Napster is Back With New $5 Subscription Service

In a press release dated for tomorrow, May 19, Napster announced that for just $5 a month, subscribers will get unlimited, streaming access to the Napster library, which boasts 7 million tracks from both major and independent labels. Along with your unlimited streaming, you’ll also get five “unrestricted”  songs each month that you can burn, play and transfer as many times as you want. 

Throwing in "60 commercial-free radio stations and more than 1,400 expertly programmed playlists," this is a pretty awesome deal for those of us who spend a large part of our lives hooked up to the web. Sure five songs a month isn't great but if you're online for several hours a day, every single day, this seems like a no brainer.

This whole thing brings us right back to Microsoft’s claims that it will cost you thousands to fill your iPod with iTunes versus the $14.99 a month it’ll cost you for Zune Pass. In other words, the benefits of a subscription-based service rather than a pay-per-tune service. Assuming we’re all legal, law abiding citizens who pay for the music (we’re giving you the benefit of the doubt here), what kind of service do you use? Are you an iTunes fan or do you prefer these all-you-can-eat services? Let us know in the comments below!

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  • Anonymous
    I like pandora. It's free, and I get to be exposed to new bands that I've never heard of, but are within the styles that I like.
  • vohnvest
    all you can eat with zune... plus i get 10 songs i can keep every month
  • bustapr
    I prefer these all you can eat services.