Nestle to Find UK Customers via GPS Chips in Candy Bars

Nestle UK has announced a new marketing campaign aimed at customers in the United Kingdom. The new campaign will will see the company launch a contest that will involve tracking down winners via GPS chips included in winning bars of chocolate.

Dubbed "We Will Find You," PSFK reports that the creepily-named campaign will involve six KitKat 4 Finger, KitKat Chunky, Aero Peppermint Medium, or Yorkie bars. The site writes that these bars look like normal bars but are fitted with GPS trackers. Each of these six trackers will be activated when the wrapper is opened. This will page the prize team, whose job it is to locate the winner within 24 hours. What happens when the team finds the person? They'll give them a check for ten grand. Yep. That's ten grand sterling by the way, which by today's conversion rates equates to just over $16,200.

Nestle is running a two-week poster campaign to support the promotion that will see 3,000 NFC- or QR-equipped posters distributed around the country. Smartphone users can use these to check how many GPS chocolate bars are still in the wild as well as enter a smaller contest to win £10. According to PSFK, Nestle believes the new campaign will be particularly appealing to men.

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  • plasmastorm
    Nestle, stalking children since 2012
  • freggo
    Good bye Hershey, Hello Nestle :-)
  • Vestin
    They've just alienated the entire paranoid schizophrenic demographic...
  • saudagar
    What happens when you through the wrapper in the bin on the corner bus stop and go back home?
  • The_Trutherizer
    Erm... wtf? And how does this gps work? I find it hard to believe they could have miniaturized it to such an extent. Or did I miss something?
  • frombehind
    lol, what if you gots the runs and crap out the chip beofre they have a chance to track you down?
  • murzar
    frombehindlol, what if you gots the runs and crap out the chip beofre they have a chance to track you down?
    Erm.. I doubt it it will be IN the bar.
  • jkflipflop98
    They'll probably find the majority of them in the bottom of trashcans.
  • Onus
    I suspect when the buyer gets one of these, he knows it right away, because he won't unwrap a candy bar, but an obvious "device."
    I wonder if a metal detector, theramin, or some other simple device will be able to detect a "chipped" bar before purchase? You wouldn't be looking for the chip, but for the battery powering it.
  • sslapikas
    Willy Wonka meets 21st century. I want my Golden ticket! :)