PS3 3.42 Firmware Update Stops Jailbreaking

Over the last few weeks there has been a lot of discussion regarding the jailbreaking of the PlayStation 3. Late August saw the availability of PS Jailbreak, a USB hacking tool from an Asian company. However, it seems Sony is aiming to nip things in the bud with the next firmware update.

The BBC reports that, though the release of the latest update for the PS3, 3.42, doesn't add any functionality, it does block both the PSJailbreak and PSGroove applications. This is a mandatory update, which means if you want to continue PlayStation Network or the PlayStation Store you have to update.

Sony recently won an injunction against two Australian retailers who were selling the PS Jailbreak dongle. The injunction was a temporary one, lasting until August 31. Sony had until that date to make a case for a permanent ban on the PS Jailbreak USBs. According to the BBC, Sony also has also taken steps to stop the sale of the dongle in the U.S. and the Netherlands.

  • redzoneos
    epic battle begins. Sony updates firmware. Hackers crack firmware and release updated jailbreak. sony updates firmware. Hackers re-release updated jailbreak.
  • webbwbb
    So it has now entered the same ground as the PSP. Hacker breaks past the security and allows "backups", Sony blocks that specific attack, repeat.
  • carlhenry
    wash rinse and dry. it's always discouraging when pirating AGAIN becomes an issue. i guess devs should look into PC's again since every console is now hackable.
  • thechief73
    This is good news and kudos to Sony for such a fast response. We cant say the same for Microsoft.

    Here's to the end of piracy and the advancement of the gaming industry.
  • renami9
    Hackers Vs Playstation

    Round 1

  • aznguy0028
    carlhenrywash rinse and dry. it's always discouraging when pirating AGAIN becomes an issue. i guess devs should look into PC's again since every console is now hackable.I wonder what excuses dev's are going to come up this time instead of piracy, to blame when their crap game doesn't sell millions.
  • rhino13
    Hey I have an idea!
    They could make 3.42 an "Update" by giving us Linux suport back!
    That way I wouldn't be frustrated by the fact Sony is needlessly taking my bandwidth cause they suspect I'm a pirate.
  • jalek
    Oh well, nobody actually wants any new features or existing ones fixed anyway.
    Time for the next console apparently, Sony'll have their developers tied up with increasing DRM controls and other things that gain users nothing but stops a handful from getting something for nothing for a while.

    I prefer XBL's system, let them pirate, then ban the machine from the network and from being fully functional offline.
  • chick0n
    Its actually a pretty simple fix.

    Sony just gotta update certain code on the USB side of things and the hack will be history.

    Good job Sony.
  • elcentral
    love that they getting hacked. maby some game developers goes to pc yet agen.