Sony Sued for Removal of Linux Support From PS3

Dropping support for Linux on the PS3 has landed Sony in court. A class-action suit filed Tuesday in a San Francisco court (via IGN) claims that the intentional disablement of Other OS support constitutes a breach of sales contract as well as a breach of the covenant of good faith and fair dealing. Not only that, but the suit accuses Sony of inflicting unfair and deceptive business practices on "millions of unsuspecting customers."

"Sony knowingly and willingly accepted monetary benefits from Plaintiff and the Class, but Sony did not honor its obligations," reads the court document (line 17, page 12). "Rather, Sony benefited from the sales of PS3s with the Other OS function which it then forced purchasers to either disable or forgo other important PS3 functions."

"Under the circumstances described herein, it is inequitable for Sony to retain the full monetary benefit at the expenses of the Plaintiff and the Class," the complaint continues.

"By engaging in the conduct described above, Sony has been unjustly enriched at the expense of Plaintiff and the Class and is required, in equity and good conscience, to compensate the Plaintiff and the Class for harm suffered as a result of its actions."

The suit covers anyone who purchased a PS3 between November 17, 2006 and March 27, 2010 (though not if you sold your PS3 to someone in the meantime) and seeks compensatory damages, restitution, injunctive relief and legal fees.

  • darkknight22
    finally a class action suit I actually believe in.
  • hotroderx
    I hope they win =D Sony really overstepped there bounds on this one
  • kingnoobe
    Even though class actions don't have big rewards really for the plantiffs, this could seriously cost sony a lot of cash if of course it wins.

    And I hope everybody raised their hands wither they agree with this or not should've diffently saw it coming lol.
  • shovenose
    hahaha...i knew this was coming!
  • boju
    Linux's mascot shouldn’t be banging it's head up against the wall... instead it should be giving the finger with a big **** you! Sony
  • nforce4max
    About time some one take a stand, Sony ask for it what else could they expect.
  • climber
    I wonder if I have my original receipt from futureshop? lol Sony will not be paying us 1st gen PS3 users a dime compensating us for removing capabilities of something we bought. However, I do agree it's like buying a car and at the 1st semi annual inspection, when you think your lube oil and filter change is what you're get, instead you're having the leather interior replaced by vinyl, the a/c removed and the spare tire gone too, and we're supposed to thank a business for it. This is not just a Sony issue, any and all Coporations are trying to wring every last cent out of us consumers, it's like a workout tape..... "feel the burn...errr squeeze!"
  • Sony never supplied Linux with them. They have the right to disable any of their features. Read the EULA. They said you can keep it, but you can no longer use that partition to access the PSN if you choose to keep it.

    You cannot use Linux (other OS)& the PSN simultaneously anyways. I kept my on one HDD and put another HDD in my PS3, and yet I still have both....Plus I didn't cry about them discontinuing a service that less than 1% of ALL PS3 consumers use?
  • darthvidor
    I hope Sony loses this case and forced to return Other OS support.
  • d-block
    Take THAT Sony!