Qualcomm Announces First Dual-Core Snapdragon

We're all used to seeing devices powered by Qualcomm's single core Snapdragon (such as the Nexus One and the DROID), which boasts clock speeds of up to 1GHz. Today's Mobile Station Modem MSM8260 and MSM8660 Snapdragon chipsets are capable of up to 1.2GHz. Qualcomm says the latter is a multimode chipset that can connect to HSPA+ or EV-DO Rev. B, high-speed networks, while the MSM8260 supports only HSPA+.

Though Qaulcomm wasn't quite ready to dish the deets in terms of a release date, the company said the new chipsets would be used in high-end smartphones enabling them to handle 1080p video and screen resolutions of up to 1280x800.

  • Gin Fushicho
    More power efficient, and still strong and small huh? I can't wait till these become power houses and are still tiny.
  • sublifer
    ummm I think some content got left out of the story. Otherwise... multimode != dual core
  • dman3k
    Proof read please! "Qaulcomm" seriously?
  • dhlee528
    I don't think DROID has snapdragon
  • brother shrike
    dhlee528I don't think DROID has snapdragonThe Incredible does, though.
  • hispeed120
    dhlee528I don't think DROID has snapdragon
    I think the new Droid Incredible does.
  • w1zz4
    Nice story Brian Biggs!!!! Oh wait I'm not on bbspot.com, it's just another Tom's story with a title that does not match the content...
  • fulle
    The Moto DROID doesn't have Snapdragon... but the Droid Incredible does.
  • gfg
    where is the dual core????
  • joytech22
    Mwahaahw! and the takeover begins..