VOTW: A Smartphone Rube Goldberg Machine

A little while back everyone went nuts over Okay Go's giant Rube Goldberg machine. Constructed in a big warehouse, the machine was to go along with the band's latest song but a lot of people watching it probably never even noticed there was music playing.

The people over at Vodafone recently constructed their own Rube Goldberg machine using smartphones, printers and all the usual Rube Goldberg staples (balls, toys, balloons and little birds on skateboards). The video comes from Vodafone Italy. Check it out below.

Smartphone Domino Machine

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  • NapoleonDK
  • ScoobyJooby-Jew
    1:09 to 1:11 was slick with the images on the phones :)
  • victomofreality
    Thats an awesome way to spend a day! I especially like the birds on the skateboards.