Samsung Galaxy S3 Sales Unhurt From Legal Loss to Apple

Despite being ordered to pay over $1 billion in damages to Apple over a patent-based lawsuit, analytics firm Localytics  said demand for Samsung's flagship Galaxy S3 smartphone hasn't waned at all.

In fact, Localytics, which tracks what types of smartphones access thousands of mobile apps via its mobile analytics platform, stated that they saw a 9 percent average increase of new Galaxy S3 devices since the first week of August.

Furthermore, the smartphone's demand apparently grew 16 percent during the week of the Apple patent trial verdict. It grew 15 percent during the week that saw Apple announcing the iPhone 5.

Apple suing Samsung may have given the latter a favor, Localytics believes, as “the deluge of post-litigation press coverage both drove general attention to Samsung and suggested that Samsung devices were similar enough to iPhones to be an option for many consumers.”

What's more, Samsung may not even have to pay the $1 billion; the South Korean conglomerate recently asked for the case to be dismissed.

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  • hyperanthripoid
  • freggo
    If Microsoft can spend around $900 Million on PR for Windows 8 Samsung can sure afford a cool Billion on PR for their smart phones :-)

  • house70
    I would say people like their choices and reject a system where one single device/company/OS dictates the rules.
  • sesante2000
    I don't see why it would.
    As long as people can buy it and it does what they need or want, I doubt they could care less who won in court.
  • Camikazi
    Ok, but how do you know that the demand increase wouldn't have been like 25% if the lawsuit didn't go through? I demand that Apple pay for the lost % that no one can prove! Sorry for that my inner RIAA lawyer just got out, it's under control now :(
  • egilbe
    Free advertising is free advertising. Everyone (uninformed masses) now thinks that Samsung is an Apple, except cheaper
  • cookoy
    Reading about Samsung losing $1B in the Apple case will not stop me from buying Samsung phones. It just makes me shun anything associated with apple more.
  • einheriar
    Well the fascist business model of apple keeps me straight on the path from buying apple products.. evry time I am a bout to waiver and think about now that is something nice, they go brutally harass someone on unfair groundings, and then I think to myself. Time to buy a product from the victim

    so my last mobile became a Samsung smart phone..
  • CaedenV
    The apple verdict has not changed my opinion about what phone to purchase in the slightest. I am still waiting for the release of the Nokia 920, and if I can get an unlocked one that will work with TMobile (as only ATT will carry it in store, and I am not going with them for cell service again) and it works like I think it will then I will go with that. If not then I will be getting a SGS3 because it is simply a great device all around.
  • Maxor127
    The public didn't care about the verdict. Only blind loyalists for either side cared. Either way, I don't see how having to pay $1 billion is doing Samsung a favor. Depends on if they get it dismissed. The lawyers are the real winners.