Samsung Planning to Ship Half a Billion Handsets in 2013

South Korean technology company Samsung is aiming to sell half a billion handsets in 2013.

According to The Korea Times, the manufacturer expects to ship 510 million phones next year, which would represent a 20 percent increase from the number of devices shipped this year. In 2012, Samsung shipped an estimated 420 million devices.

Out of the 510 million devices it's expected to ship, 390 million units are expected to be smartphones, with the remaining 120 million being feature phones.

Samsung plans to escalate plans for its own Windows Phone 8 handsets, with an executive at Samsung's telecommunications department also noting high user demand for LTE devices. Smartphones that support LTE are expected to ship 275 million units in 2013.

The firm was recently named the worldwide handset market leader with a 29 percent share. During the third quarter of 2012, it sold 98 million phones, of which 55 million were smartphones.

The Galaxy S3 in particular has sold over 30 million units in 2012, subsequently seeing Samsung post record profits of $7.4 billion during this year's Q3, an increase of 91 percent when compared to the same period in 2011. The device was also named the best-selling smartphone on the planet during Q3, a title previously held by Apple's iPhone 4S.

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  • cinergy
    Samsung plans to suck even more in 2013. /Fixed
  • halcyon
    ^ Yeah

    ...because there's just so many better alternatives, right? NOT.
  • friskiest
    cinergy=troll /Fixed

    Its good to hear that WP8 is getting more attention in 2013,. something it sorely needed last year.