• 5 Ridiculous Foreign Sci-Fi Remakes

I'm not sure how breaking rocks can help you in an intergalactic war, but this guy sure thinks it does. I guess that’s all the proof I need.

Turkish Star Wars

Why are Superman and Spider-Man holding each other and dancing? Even better, why is Spider-Man a woman?!

Indian Superman

Run, E.T.! Some guy who looks like Super Mario is going to beat you up.

Turkish E.T.

I know this isn't technically sci-fi, but it's so over the top that it makes Michael Jackson look normal.

Indian Thriller

The first time I saw this, I thought Kirk was in a duel with ALF. On second glance, it appears to be a remake of the classic battle with the Gorn. This time, though, the alien shoots fire and wears a one-piece suit he bought at The Janitor’s Outpost.

Turkish Star Trek

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  • Ciuy
    LOOOL Thats Spock :)) ....
  • Sarthurn
    But the blonde is hot
  • Andraxxus
    Nice! The Indian Thriller (although I've seen it before) is brilliant. She only screams at the end and doesn't it sound like he is saying killer or worse kill (h)er. Also Indian movie on VOLGA (Russian river and automobile). Golimar mar mar!