Sony Files for Touchscreen Printer Patent

Sony filed a patent for a touch-screen printer based on Microsoft's Surface technology, capable of viewing and printing digital pictures wirelessly.

Electronic Pulp discovered that Sony submitted a patent on January 22 with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, describing what seems to be Microsoft's Surface touch-screen table mounted onto a flat, clamshell printer. Specifically, Sony's patent describes the machine as an "image forming device, having an ejection tray, and a display mounted to a cover." The patent falls in line with the sudden trend of touch-screen devices now saturating the electronics industry today.

Microsoft's Surface actually has the capability to communicate with electronic devices wirelessly, making it ideal for consumers wanting to view and then print digital pictures by placing the camera on the device face. Once the digital camera connects to the Surface interface, the user's pictures display on the screen. Users can then edit and print the desired image out the side using the device's built-in printer.

Last November, Sony faced an order to pay $18.5 million in compensation for patent infringement. The U.S. Courts found that Sony knowingly and willingly infringed on a patent owned by Agere Systems. Sony's PlayStation Portable and mylo Internet Device were a few devices named to infringe on eight patents covering "wireless local area network apparatus." Agere Systems, an integrated circuit components company, originally filed the infringement complaint back in 2006.

  • Zoonie
    "..few devices named to infringe on eight patents covering "wireless local area network apparatus.""

    It seems like the easiest way to get rich nowadays is patenting stuff. I will patent eating and call it "The mechanism of putting food into ones stomach".

    The patent system needs a revision before we need to pay for the way we eat and drink.