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Blizzard Integrating with Facebook

We may be giddy with excitement when it comes to release dates and pre-orders for StarCraft II but Blizzard has another announcement for us: the company is planning to integrate and Facebook to allow StarCraft II fans to share and connect with other fans on Facebook.

CNet reports that the first step of the integration will see Blizzard enable StarCraft II players to easily add Blizzard gamers from their Facebook friends list to their friend lists. Another feature will allow you to brag about scores, presumably via status update.

That's it for now in terms of details but Blizzard is promising "information about other Facebook-related features on will be announced at a later date."

  • babybeluga
    Oh no, with that new glitch in facebook, they'll be able to see all the nerdy cyber-sex I've been having =(
    seems like it would be cool at first then just get stupid.. I am surprised Blizzard jumped on the Facebook bandwagon..
  • Onus
    Hmmm, I'm not sure this, or where it might lead, is a Good Thing...
  • Facebook is annoying enough with status updates coming from Farmville players...I'm seeing Facebooks death is it integrating with too many things and status updates just become a useless dump of automated messages.
  • greatsaltedone
    This is great. Facebook has emerged as the gold standard social site and Blizzard has set a precedent that others can tap into it's resources without having to create redundant systems.

    I won't use it, but it's movement in the right direction.
  • czar1020
    Ewww so what your saying is don't use it. Or else someone will see your pwning newbs instead of working ... I mean
  • scott_madison1
    They did something similar with this and warcraft achievements months ago. I'm not overly surprised.
  • chise1
    Honestly, all of the data that facebook accumulates is scary... Not that Starcraft II will give others a lot of personal data, but still...
  • Chicks are really going to dig my SCII victories.
  • Nightsilver
    Such a bad idea on so many levels.