Steve Ballmer Has an 80-inch Windows 8 Tablet in His Office

Microsoft's Windows 8 is scheduled for launch later this year and we're fully prepared for manufacturers to start churning out Windows 8 tablets as soon as it does launch. However, rumor has it there is already at least one interesting Windows 8 device in the wild. Well, that is if you consider Steve Ballmer's office 'the wild.'

Microsoft Vice President Frank Shaw this morning told Wired UK that Steve Ballmer has traded in his phone and note pad in exchange for a big Windows 8 tablet. Like, a really big tablet.

"Steve Ballmer has an 80-inch Windows 8 tablet in his office," Shaw is quoted as saying. "He's got rid of his phone, he's got rid of his note paper. It's touch-enabled and it's hung on his wall."

If that sounds a bit out there to you, then brace yourself for this next part: Ballmer and the gang are planning to bring this massive 80-inch tablet to market. Similar to Microsoft Surface, the tablet isn't aimed at the general consumer. However, Shaw notes that may not mean much in the long run.

"It's not a consumer thing now, but we know historically that that's how all things start," he said, later adding, "Every screen should be touch, every screen should be a computer and should be able to see out as well as see in. That is the way the world is heading [and] those screens are going to be big, small, wall-sized and desk-sized."

Shaw provided little else in the way of details regarding Ballmer's big Windows 8 device, so we don't have any idea about what kind of hardware is powering the wall-tablet or when it will launch, but we're betting it won't be cheap when it does.

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  • NightLight
    can't wait to get a win 8 tablet!
  • mcd023
    I played around with a Microsoft Surface at a dev workshop in Houston and, I gotta say, it was pretty cool. Also, the office has a 360 with kinect and a driving chair (with throttle, brake, and steering). What a cool place to (not) work!
  • drwho1
    Good for him
    I won't get a tablet not even for free.
    Nor will I ever care for a touch screen, not even for free.

  • razor512
    I will wait until the portable 80 inch tablet comes out (and it better have built in cellphone functionality).

    Isn't everyone sick of tiny tablets with their 10 inch screens? 80 inches means you will be able to enjoy movies on the go without having to squint at a small screen, you will also have ample workspace for typing/ editing tweets.
  • alterecho
    "every screen should be a computer and should be able to see out as well as see in"

    What about sunscreen? :P
  • velocityg4
    Traded in his phone and notepad. I suppose when he leaves the office he can afford to have a peon strap it to his back and follow him around.
  • This pushing for every screen to be Touch enabled makes me want to SMASH A TOUCHSCREEN as hard as I can into Ballmers fat ugly round face!!

    EFF OFF MICROSOFT with your stupid touch concept and leave my desktop alone !
  • SmileyTPB1
    Historically how many great things from MS have started in the CEO's office? Anyone? Anyone?
  • razor512
    for random on the go work, a touchscreen is fine but if you just want to sit back and relax and watch a movie, it is annoying, imagine trying to use photoshop or watch a movie in a home environment with smudges all over the screen, it is worst than having a few dead pixels.

    if it is on th go then the environment is not very ideal so smudges are less noticeable
  • memadmax
    Touchscreens have their niche use... but they are not for everyone obviously....

    I think it's foolhardy to put "all your eggs" into the touchscreen basket