T-Mobile Confirms Apple Agreement to Offer iPhone

T-Mobile USA has announced that it's entered an agreement with Apple that will see the former finally offering the iPhone next year.

The news derives from T-Mobile parent Deutsche Telekom, who disclosed the agreement within an investor update via a press release.

"In addition, T-Mobile USA has entered into an agreement with Apple to bring products to market together in 2013," the statement said.

While it remains unclear whether the agreement actually includes the iPhone, the deal should undoubtedly include the smartphone as such an agreement wouldn't make sense without it for both Apple and T-Mobile.

Apple already sells the iPhone at the other three national carriers. T-Mobile is the fourth largest carrier in the United States with 33 million customers; Merrill Lynch analyst Scott Craig believes around 4 million from that figure would be expected to purchase the iPhone when the firm does offer it to subscribers.


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  • dark_knight33
    ...And nobody cares. T-mobile is 5 years late to the party, and if Apple doesn't do something to really update the iPhone, they will get quickly left behind by companies with more flexible design principles and a bankroll big enough to deal with Apple's legal dept (i.e. Samsung).
  • halcyon
    I never thought I would feel disturbed by the number of iPhones I see on the way to work. ...not that they're a bad product its just that I've learned there's better and I kinda feel sorry for all the poor souls that would probably buy better if they knew better. So now we're gonna add some more. Samsung, HTC, and LG really need to step up their marketing IMO.
  • eternalkp
    before being a verizon member, i had tmobile
    it's the worst service, period
    bad calls, bad signal, and they constantly try to rip off you off with billing "errors"