Lenovo Announces the Thinkpad T431s Ultrabook

Lenovo has expanded its range of ultrabooks with the T413s, which at a weight of 3.6 pounds (1.36 kg) and a thickness of 0.82 inches (20.6 mm), is the company's lightest and slimmest T-series Thinkpad. The T431s will be available with a range of 3rd generation Intel Core processors with Turbo Boost, Intel HD Graphics, up to 12 GB of DDR3 RAM, and a variety of mechanical and solid state drives.

The laptop features a 14-inch anti-glare display with a resolution of 1600 x 900, two USB 3.0 ports, Intel vPro for easy data management, support for a large range of Lenovo's ThinkPad docking stations, and "enhanced security that commercial customers require." Also included is the redesigned Thinkpad precision keyboard and a new trackpad featuring a "larger, smooth, responsive, multi-touch glass surface that optimizes Windows 8 gestures, click functionality, and integrates TrackPoint behavior to deliver a customized, improved experience for all users."

"We obsess over the pursuit of perfection – as evidenced by more than 20 years of Lenovo ThinkPad design and engineering accolades. However, perfection cannot be achieved without a key ingredient: customer insight," said Dilip Bhatia, vice president and general manager, ThinkPad Business Unit. "The ThinkPad T431s is the first device featuring Lenovo's new design, which represents a comprehensive examination of user experience and input."The ThinkPad T431s is expected to be available in April 2013 with a starting price of $949.

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  • ojas
    $949 seems to be a good price, and it looks like a decent laptop. If they don't overcharge for an SSD, might be a good buy.
  • consumedsoul
    Agree... now I'm torn between this and the Carbon X1.
  • iostcat
    "However, perfection cannot be achieved without a key ingredient: customer insight,"

    How about listen to your customer and fix the fan noise issue Lenovo!
    There have threads in your support forum that is a mile long and yet you keep on ignoring the issue!
  • warezme
    Bad - low resolution screen, no touch screen to deal with Win8, Win8, Intel Graphics, base priced unit is your standard performing dog.
  • whiteodian
    ojas$949 seems to be a good price, and it looks like a decent laptop. If they don't overcharge for an SSD, might be a good buy.LOL better off to add it in yourself. I'm sure a 128GB SSD will run $200 and 256GB will be around $300. RAM upgrades also will run up to ridiculous prices. I hate how pre-built charge crazy premium prices for minor upgrades such as RAM and SSD.
  • LuckyDucky7
    extensive global research project

    If you mean "remove important features and functionality to pointlessly chase after Apple", then sure.

    No physical buttons on the machine (for the TrackPoint or touchpad), no indicator lights (Caps Lock chief among them), and that crappy chiclet keyboard they tout as an "advancement" while having less keys and a weird layout.
  • livebriand
    consumedsoulAgree... now I'm torn between this and the Carbon X1.I'd get this. It's slightly thicker, but it'll probably be a bit cheaper (the carbon has been selling below MSRP on lenovo's site for a while now, for instance), has ethernet, and is actually upgradable. (with the carbon, you can upgrade NOTHING - the RAM is soldered, and the SSD is proprietary... not what I'd want to be dealing with a few years down the road...) Buy it with the stock config, chuck an SSD in, maybe some more RAM, and you've got a nice machine on your hands. I'm seriously tempted to buy one of these.
  • greghome
  • belardo
    They messed up the keyboard a year ago... its still one of the better keyboards out there thou. I do welcome the backlighting... but I wished they kept the previous serious keyboard layout with the fat ESC and fat DELETE keys.
  • belardo
    This isn't much different from their normal T4xxs series notebooks. And compared to their regular T4 series, only about .5" thicker and $300~400 cheaper. Better cooling, less noise, easier to repair, more ports.