Nope, Epic Still Isn't Working on New Unreal

Unreal Tournament 3Unreal Tournament 3Tuesday Epic Games president Mike Capps said that the studio currently isn't working on anything new in the Unreal universe, shooting down rumors that one of the five new titles currently in development may be the third installment to the original Unreal series.

"Unreal and Unreal Tournament continue to have a huge influence on the studio here, even though we’re not currently working on an Unreal IP project," he admitted to Forbes. "Epic’s core game making philosophy of 'when everyone says it’s done, keep polishing!' came from our experiences with Unreal Tournament. That’s the beginning of our quality-focused studio DNA."

The interview goes on to talk about various things including the continuation of Gears of War now that the third installment is out the door. The series isn't finished on a business level, with novels, comic books, toys and whatnot still in the pipeline. He also talked a little about entering the mobile market and how Unreal Engine 3 has played a role in Epic's overall success.

"Our engine team and our game team work together so well," he said. "One of my proudest moments was at the Game Developers Conference awards, where I was able to accept the 'Best Visuals' award and thank the engine technology team for making the art possible… and then accept the 'Best Technology' award and thank the art team for making the tech look so good. I don’t see how a game like Gears or Infinity Blade could be so successful without that partnership."

"When we started working on Unreal Engine 3, we certainly never envisioned it running on a mobile device," he added. "Now that’s a major part of our technology business and our games business. "

To read the full two-page interview, head here.

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