Sony's Adam Boyes Leaves PlayStation, Returns To Game Development

After four years at PlayStation, Adam Boyes is stepping down as the company’s vice president of third party relations and the Developer Technology Group and will return to game development.  

In addition to an announcement on Twitter, Boyes talked about his time at the company on the PlayStation Blogcast. Before his time PlayStation, which he said was his longest tenure at a company, Boyes worked at EA, Next Level Games, Midway, Capcom and Beefy Media.

Even though Boyes said that he’s returning to game development, it’s still unclear if he’s teamed up with an existing studio or if he’s launching a new company altogether. Either way, the departure is a major loss for Sony, which will need to find a suitable replacement for the position.

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  • bit_user
    Huh. Feels like clickbait, given that the only reason I clicked it was under the assumption that this was somehow significant. Yet, if it is, that was never properly explained. Tell me why I should care!

    Aside from his tenure in the industry, can't you at least point to some initiatives he launched while at Sony? Or is he taking the fall for something? What do game devs think? Was he pushed or did he jump?

    If you can't explain its significance for anyone who's not a playstation developer (if it even has any for them), then maybe it should only be reported on gaming industry news sites. We count on you guys to filter the noise and provide context.
  • Puiucs
    Not sure why this is a "major" loss.
  • jeremy2020
    This is major? Did "barely news" become major and no one told me?