Nestle Facebook Page Pegs Android 4.4 for October Release

We've heard plenty of talk of an October release for Android 4.4 but Google has yet to confirm those rumors with an official date. However, it seems someone at Nestle may have let the release time frame slip by accident.

Know Your Mobile points to the Kit Kat Facebook page in Germany where someone asked when Android 4.4 was launching. The person in charge of the page replied that it was coming in October. Whether or not this person is working off the same speculation we've seen or actually knows something we don't remains to be seen.

Still, with the Nexus 4 officially unavailable via Google's US Play Store, it certainly seems as though a Nexus 5 launch could be just around the corner, and that phone will likely ship with a brand new version of Android.

Google just confirmed the Kit Kat codename earlier this month. The company had been referring to Android 4.4 as Key Lime Pie for months, but switched to something more recognizable after seeking permission from Nestle. Nestle will ship Android-branded Kit Kats as part of their agreement.

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  • deftonian
    I want one of those kit kats please.

    Nestle may be able to make some good money off this new version, just by selling Android Edition kit kats pictured above. I hope they do because they look delicious!
  • The Indomitable
    I don't get why they don't make more Android Kit Kats. I'd gladly pay $10 or so a pop. (Even though Key Lime Pie was better)
  • Saile Dalil
    samsung will surely release a galaxy s5 or even galaxy note 3 google kitkat edition :D