ATI Releases Stuttering Fix For All Radeon HD Cards

If you own an ATI Radeon HD graphics card and have seen stuttering issues 3D applications (predominately games such as Battlefield 2 and TimeShift), you should visit AMD's site and download a hotfix that was made available today. While details about the problem have not been disclosed, it seems there were some issues with the lossless compression that ATI uses inside its GPUs.

This fix will of course, be implemented in Catalyst 8.4. So, if you are not experiencing any stuttering issues, you can opt to wait until the official Catalyst driver gets out the door in mid-April.

Hotfix list:

32-bit Windows XP Home, Media Centre and Professional Edition (x86)
64-bit Windows XP Professional (x64)
32-bit Windows Vista (x86, All Editions)
64-bit Windows Vista (x64, All Editions )