BBC Anchor Sues Over Facial Surgery For HDTV Makeover

London (England) - Katie Silverton is suing a health clinic for botching a recent operation, which she says she scheduled because of increased concerns over HDTV images.

Silverton, an anchor on BBC News, said that after the operation she ended up with facial "disfigurements" including spots all over her face. She went in to have her acne removed.

Now Silverton is concerned that she will look worse in the network's HDTV broadcasts. BBC did not require her to have the surgery, but news anchors all over the world have voluntarily gone under the knife so their imperfections do not show up on the clearer high-def picture, several times under the pressure of station broadcasters.

"I went in to get some minor scarring on my cheeks treated. I was told it would be a routine procedure and I'd be back to work in days. The treatment, however, caused a massive skin reaction," said Silverton.

She claims she had to take off two weeks before returning to work, and when she did go back she required more make-up than before the procedure. She is seeking unspecified monetary damages.