Samsung-Led Consortium Develops Mobile Benchmark Tools

Samsung has announced that a new consortium has been formed to provide more effective hardware and system-level performance assessment of mobile devices. Called MobileBench, this group includes not only Samsung, but Broadcom, Huawei, OPPO and Spreadtrum. The consortium held its inaugural meeting in Shenzhen on Wednesday, which was attended by local government dignitaries and mobile device companies.

According to Samsung, MobileBench will "focus on addressing the need of developers to better understand every element within the mobile platform and deliver optimal system-level performance to enhance the user experience." The group plans to release "MobileBench" for evaluating hardware, and "MobileBench-UX" for testing system-level applications. Later on, the group will release a test system for consumers to evaluate personal mobile devices on their own.

"MobileBench will provide mobile platform designers with more useful solutions based on speedy time-to-market analysis, and consumers with more reliable indices for better assessing the user experience," Samsung said. "Setting impartial test guidelines and embracing more sophisticated evaluation methodology, the consortium believes its tools will be widely adopted by mobile device designers and engineers, to the benefit of OEMs and consumers alike."

MobileBench will evaluate the performance of core mobile device elements such as application processors, popular memory solutions, embedded storage (eMMC) and graphics memory chips. Engineers will be able to set up detailed parameters such as repetition and intervals, with each test result being monitored in real-time, allowing usage pattern and system status analyses. MobileBench-UX will test user scenarios like switching among different apps, video shooting and viewing, and phone camera operations. Test results are immediate, Samsung said.

"With the cooperation of the mobile industry at large, the MobileBench Consortium is seeking to give top priority to providing users with added convenience and more usable features," said Dr. Byungse So, Senior Vice President, Memory Product Planning and Application Engineering, Samsung Electronics. "Broad adoption of MobileBench's applications will better delineate differences in performance and enable mobile system designers to deliver uniform performance in more diverse user environments at a faster pace."

This new mobile benchmarking consortium consists of a board of directors (chair and directors), president, chief financial officer and secretary, special committees, work committees and a tool maintainer. Membership types include developer, adopter, and honorary. Developers can fill any position while all other memberships are limited.

The consortium is actively seeking new members now. Companies interested in joining can head here to find out more information. The company also provides detailed information in this pdf file including what each benchmark tool will do (as shown in the screenshots above), the consortium's roadmap, and so on.

  • clonazepam
    Samsung needed some oversight in this area. Let's hope they all keep each other honest and it isn't just a buddy system to add validity to otherwise doctored results.
  • pacomac
    We all know how Samsung like to overclockers their devices whilst being benchmarked.
  • robochump
    This is horrible. Samsung caught AGAIN cheating on benchmarks with Note 3 and now want to dev a bench mark test of their own?!? Hilarious stuff.
  • robochump
    BTW - 3 to 1 odds that TH will not add Samsung Note 3 benchmark cheat article. Too Android biased here. heh
  • hiryu
    People's worries of Samsung is legitimate, given the article from Anandtech no too long ago. Cheating on benchmark is nothing new, but cheating is cheating.
    Criticizing Samsung does not always means I am an ifanboy. (Although not excluding it either). For sure, I am not a fan of Samsung, and certainly I am not paid by Samsung to post in forum.
  • stevejnb
    11635965 said:

    Like always, you never disappoint. You are a true apple iHick. Apple as well as many other companies have done the same thing BUT Samsung doesn't need to do it since they are already NUMBER 1 in smartphones. Now go back and play with your dumb little iToys.

    I really have no horse in this race since I'm a quite happy WIndows phone user who would still consider switching to Android if anything, but... Are you denying that Samsung essentially cheated on benchmark tests, or is your response "It doesn't matter if they cheat - they sell more so it's OK"? Curious, if Apple was caught cheating on a benchmark, would you be so quick to gloss over it?
  • m32
    Now Samsung doesn't have to cheat in benchmarks anymore...... :(