BioShock 2 PC Has Widescreen Bug; Fix Coming

2K Games is now working on a patch to correct a widescreen bug in the recently shipped PC version of BioShock 2.

When the first BioShock launched in 2007, high-def gamers took notice that those still playing in 4:3 were treated with extra image on the vertical axis. This meant that, instead of getting more image to the left and right (making it 'wide'screen), the image was cropped on the top and bottom. Now this same problem is affecting the current version of BioShock 2 for PC.

The reverting back to an original characteristic from the first game wasn't intentional, however, as 2K tells us that a last minute bug fix for a related issue caused this issue.

The good news is that the developers are already testing a patch that will rectify those seeking proper framing.

Before patchBefore patchAfter patchAfter patch

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  • grillz9909
    What? Bioshock(2) has bugs? No way?!
  • jakthebomb
    the game also has a delayed Plasmid use bug where if you right click to fire, it takes a good 1 second to respond. it felt like Bioshock original was more responsive to firing than bioshock 2.
  • truehighroller
    Hey now, I've been playing at 1920 / 1200 for two days now and I'm on the third or fourth part of the city at this point.. I haven't had any issue's like this so far or a mouse button latency bug for that matter. I have a Quad @ 4.2GHZ and that might be helping along with the 5870 but still, no issues here.

    Wait there is one, when you go in to the gene swapping station where you can move the plasmids around, the screen graphics flicker all funky and screwed up once you go in to the second part of the screen where you select what Plasmid to equip in a given slot.. That's definitely a bug that I've noticed.