DICE Shows Off Blast Mode For 'Star Wars: Battlefront'

At E3, the new Star Wars: Battlefront showed a variation of its classic gameplay. You still had to capture certain points on the map, but the main objective was to either safely escort two large AT-AT walkers (if you were playing for the Empire) or use your aerial vehicles to take it down (if you played for the Rebel scum). More than a month later, the development team at DICE is unveiling more details about the game, specifically another game mode.

In contrast to the large maps that players expect, Blast Mode features smaller maps for 10 versus 10 team deathmatch. The rules are simple — the first team to reach 100 kills, or the team with the most kills after the 10-minute time limit, wins the game.

Just like the larger maps, the Blast Mode locations vary throughout the Star Wars universe, from the cold tundra of Hoth to the hot sands of Tatooine. However, it's important to note that these are maps specifically created for Blast and not just miniaturized versions of the massive battleground in other modes.

Due to its smaller size, Blast Mode won't feature vehicles. Instead, various weapons and other powerups dot the landscape to give your character a slight edge against the enemy around the corner.

The addition of Blast Mode makes sense, due to the ever-present need of online multiplayers. Star Wars: Battlefront and Star Wars: Battlefront II both had multiplayer support as well, but today's multiplayer crowd is bigger than the online community was in 2004 and 2005, so the importance for online gameplay is great.

Additionally, Blast Mode provides a faster-paced gameplay than the traditional game modes. A 10-minute limit ensures that you can have multiple sessions packed into a short amount of time, whereas fighting on a vast ice field against large waves of forces could take half an hour.
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  • gaborbarla
    This should be a blast.
  • spentshells
    I want to play but it's soo expensive
  • spat55
    I've never watched Star Wars yet this looks like it is going to be decent, I will probably pick it up at some point.
  • Abaddon
    Hopefully they'll throw in some force powers. Multiplayer in the jedi knight series was so much fun because of these. And really makes it stand apart from other FPS's
  • Quamin
    I've never watched Star Wars yet this looks like it is going to be decent, I will probably pick it up at some point.

    Whaaaat? Where have you beeeeeen!? Go watch it now!