Phosphor Games Inks Deal With Shunwang To Bring ‘The Brookhaven Experiment’ To Chinese Gamers

Phosphor Games has entered a partnership with Shunwang, a Chinese company that maintains over 100,000 gaming cafes around the country. The Brookhaven Experiment will be the first U.S. game to be featured in Shunwang’s VR Zone.  

Phosphor Games is preparing to release its highly regarded zombie shooting VR game. The Brookhaven Experiment is by far one of the scariest titles yet revealed for the HTC Vive VR system. The game puts you in a dark field with a pistol and a flashlight, and you have to defend yourself from zombies coming at your from all directions. Eventually your ammo and your batteries will run out, adding to the terror that of Brookhaven

Shunwang, a Chinese company that operates 70 percent of the nation’s gaming cafes, approached Phosphor games about a direct distribution deal that would supply copies of The Brookhaven Experiment for all of Shunwang’s 100,000+ iCafe locations. Shunwang is creating a VR Zone section for its cafes, and the company wants to bring one of the Vive’s scariest games to its customers. Shunwang said it serves over 110 million unique gamers every year. 

The Brookhaven Experiment will launch on Steam on June 21 for $19.99, but if you pre-order now, you’ll save 25 percent. Phosphor Games has also released a free demo to whet your whistle with before you commit to buying. The demo is only a few waves, but it’s enough to get your heart racing.

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