Calvin Klein Making Optical Storage Solution

Want to look cool and hip with the latest pair of Calvin Klein sunglasses? Then you might want to have a look at these, which pack more than just UV protection for your eyes.

Built into the sunglasses is a removable part that breaks off as a 4 GB USB stick. For those who find packing a USB stick in their pocket or as part of their key chain too much to handle, this could be the perfect solution.

Then again, it'll be a little sad when 4 GB will be considered woefully small and your sunglasses are technologically obsolete.

Expect them this October for around $200.

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  • tenor77
    So would a troubleshooting call include "Do you wash behind your ears?"
  • Honis
    Those sunglasses will lose there fashion faster than 4Gigs will be considered to small I think.
  • I would prefer underwear usb storage