Cebit, world's largest technology fair opens today

Hannover (Germany) - Cebit, the big daddy of all technology fairs, opened today in Hannover, Germany. In the coming weeks, several hundred thousand people are expected to push and shove through large booths and the tiny aisles of 26 exhibit halls.

In recent years, possibly because of the events of September 11th, 2001, attendance at Cebit has been cut in half. Back in 2001, more than 850,000 people attended. This year, fair officials hope that 500,000 people will come see products from more than 6000 companies.

Just like the smaller Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, hotel rooms are very difficult to come by, but Cebit offers an interesting twist. Many attendees often resort to housing services that will place them in private homes in the surrounding area.

Several companies were busily finishing preparations on their booths in the hours leading up to the show's opening. Take a look at some pictures in our Pre-Show Impressions slideshow on the TG Daily Beta website.