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Grandma Can Text Faster Than You Can

Chicago (IL) - Think all 100-year-olds know nothing of current technology trends and how to use them? Think again - an annual survey of 100 centenarians shows quite a few of them could probably give you a run for the money if you were to match your texting speed against theirs.

The Evercare 100@100, which also polled other generations of Americans "to compare and contrast the generational findings on topics of maintaining relationships and staying independent," found some interesting technology trends amongst our most elder population.

The poll identified, for example, that 19% use cell phones to stay in touch with others. Other proven methods for digital communication with centenarians include email, sending digital photos via email and, at 1%, text messaging.

Even the Web has seen its share of centenarian action. Common, though low percentage, "silver surfer" actions include dating online, Googling someone, using Wikipedia, visiting a political site and making travel plans online.

  • JonnyDough
    OMG. You mean the elderly can LEARN? WOW!

    Of COURSE they're using new technologies. They're old, not dead!
  • JonnyDough
    By the way, in my opinion...

    The title = horrible.