CES 2007: Playstation 3 hard to find on CES show floor

Las Vegas (NV) - It would seem that most of the HD TV manufacturers went out and stood in line for their Nintendo Wii's, and the Xbox 360's are out in force in demonstrations left and right. Less ubiquitous is the Playstation 3, which is hard to stop at even the Blu-ray booth.

Instead, Sony has hoarded what must be a rather valuable commodity into their own flashy booth which smacks one as bearing rather a lot of similarity to a pre-launch style booth; as if the PS3 had never been launched.

One could point out that the visiting European press are in exactly that position; but the lack of PS3's around the North American hallowed halls serves as a reminder to the fact that the PS3 is the runner up by a long stretch in the Christmas buying period.