CES 2007: Sony hits one million shipped PS3s, hints at new features

Las Vegas (NV) - At its pre-CES press conference, Sony spent very little time talking about the PS3, which is kind of surprising considering it is the first big event for Sony since the release of the console in November. However, it remained confident about the future of the system.

According to Sony, more than one million consoles have been shipped, beating the time it took for the original Playstation and Playstation 2 to reach that mark. Also, company representatives said Sony is still on track to have six million units shipped worldwide by the end of March, a target originally set before production problems plagued the launch allocation.

Aside from some other numbers, all Sony had for us about the PS3 was a nugget about user-generated content. The only thing mentioned about the PS3 for 2007 was that Sony intends to allow users to "explore, create and share user-generated content" with the PS3 online.