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Choose Your Own Adventure with This Raspberry Pi Interactive Radio

(Image credit: 8BitsAndAByte)

Do you remember the exciting variety of outcomes from the Choose Your Own Adventure Books? This Raspberry Pi project captures that spirit with a voice-interactive storytelling radio. It was created and shared by a maker known as 8BitsAndAByte.

According to 8bitsAndAByte, the idea was to create an interactive storytelling radio using a vintage radio, using the original hardware when possible.

The radio used in the final build was a 1960's Bjazzo Ts by Telefunken. Both the original speaker and on/off button were salvaged from the radio for the project.

8BitsAndAByte Interactive Pi Radio

(Image credit: 8BitsAndAByte)

The project is powered by a Raspberry Pi with an AIY Voice HAT from the Google AIY Voice Kit. This hardware was necessary to handle the voice interaction process between the speaker and a microphone.

To create the interactive story, a decision tree was designed to outline all of the possible turns. Using Google Dialogflow, they were able to control and interact the story through a chatbot. Connecting the voice hardware enables the device to function like a true voice-controlled interactive storyteller.

If you want to read more about this project and see how it operates, check out the full instructions shared 8BitsAndAByte on Instructables.