Check Out Google's Notebook Demolition Labs

The Chrome OS Notebook has been quite the cool little experiment. The fact that Google sends you a laptop to use for as long as you want to provide feedback on the Chrome OS is cool enough on its own, but the idea of an operating system that lives and breathes on the cloud is really great long-term part.

We've already seen demonstrations of the Chrome OS surviving continuously through destruction of notebook after notebook.

Now Google wants to invite you into the demo lab. No, that's not demo for demonstration, but rather demo for demolition. As Google wrote in its blog:

Are you ready to help take the Cr-48 through its paces? If you are up to this challenge, take these mean machines through explosions, carbicide, and destruction by ravenous zombies at While you're at it, you can submit an application to the Chrome notebook Pilot program.

Check out our in-depth, hands-on review of the Chrome OS Notebook here.

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  • mpioca
    Pretty cool IMO!
  • Anonymous
    Awww they won't pee on it though
  • firemachine69
    As much as I like this thing, the whole idea screams "1984"...

    Now off to download more games on Steam. :D