SC to Craigslist: That Lawsuit Means We Win

It seems what we assumed was wrong in the first place was actually what happened. From yesterday’s statement, we’re fairly sure McMaster didn’t understand that the ‘Erotic Services’ section was to stay online for 7 days (but not accept new postings).

In a statement issued yesterday afternoon, McMaster said the lawsuit meant Craigslist was finally taking the issue seriously. McMaster backed up his claims by pointing out the erotic services section had been removed. 

“The defensive legal action craigslist has taken against the solicitors and my office is good news. It shows that craigslist is taking the matter seriously for the first time. More importantly, overnight they have removed the erotic services section from their website, as we asked them to do. And they are now taking responsibility for the content of their future advertisements. If they keep their word, this is a victory for law enforcement and for the people of South Carolina.”

We don’t need to remind you guys of the timeline -- however Craigslist froze the ‘Erotic Services’ section, pending their removal a week ago, saying it would be seven days before they were completely removed. They also said they were making the changes because when Attorneys General make noise, you have to listen. A couple of days later, McMaster said he would go ahead with the planned criminal investigation (and potential prosecution) because as of 5 p.m. Friday, “craigslist South Carolina site continued to display advertisements for prostitution and graphic pornographic material.”

We’re pretty much ready to write this whole thing off as AG Henry McMaster not getting his facts straight before he launched a groundless criminal investigation to boost his gubernatorial campaign. Now that the erotic services section is offline (and went offline at the scheduled time) and things are getting more serious, he’s declaring victory and oh so willing to forget the whole thing ever happened as long as they keep themselves in check.

"Unfortunately, we had to inform them of possible state criminal violations concerning their past practices to produce a serious response. We trust they will now adhere to the higher standards they have promised. This office and the law enforcement agencies of South Carolina will continue to monitor the site to make certain that our laws are respected.”

Let that be the end of this ridiculous legal battle.

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  • tank
    So i must say this is good. It's about time, that this is taken seriously. I am surprised it took this long because Cook County, IL did the same thing to Craigslist. I don't see how Craigslist has a leg to stand on in this case. I don't see how the are proud that they are providing "erotic services" I don't see the integrity, but then again integrity seems like such a foreign concept to some people and companies. This is good for SC.
  • eqdarkleaf
    Way to twist the facts to make yourself look important, like you have done something for the greater good of humanity.

    I can see the comercials now... "I went to battle with major prostitution rings and rid SC of its evils for you, the people".
  • jadedgamerx
    McMaster is the kind of man I would like to have castrated to make certain he doesn't allow his idiocy and ignorance back into the gene pool.
  • frozenlead
    Craigslist should continue with the suit. We don't need idiots like this as AG's. They need to bring to light that they were right in the first place, and not allow a politician to just mull it over and shrug it off.
  • scryer_360
    @ Tank: why is it that you rednecks and nazis came out of the woodwork and onto the web after Obama won? Go dig your holes and stay in them. The only thing this did for South Carolina is forced people to find another website, and there are plenty of them.

    McMaster is just using this to try and lure old people and religious people to voting for him, regardless of his other platforms. He can make some blanket statement about values now and just sweep up these voters, he doesn't have to make an appeal on real policy initiatives.

    Just go ahead and search "massage" and "south carolina." And be sure to do it with no children in the room, because it might offend tank's fragile mind.
  • dman3k
    SC taking credit... If you believe that guy, you're a moron, almost to the level as Mac lovers...
  • fuser
    Now someone needs to catch McMaster with some prostitute's knickers in his teeth.
  • kingnoobe
    Don't worry fuser I'm sure it won't be long. It's funny how most of the guys that scream bloody murderer about this kind of stuff are the ones that get caught doing it. I'm sure he's probably no different, probably just got ripped off by one and now it made him upset and cry.
  • clavote
    The AG's actions not withstanding, it is a good thing CL has shut down a source of child prostitution. We would like to see the AGs take action against other venues for child prostitution. We would also like to see AG's prosecute pimps and treat child prostitutes as victims so they can be helped and removed from the situation that puts them in continued harm.
    However anyone feels about prostitution, we need to thank Craigslist for shutting down a main vehicle for CHILD Prostitution. Thank you Craigslist!
  • nerdherd
    I'm glad to see that stupidity is over...