Do Not Ever Steal a Hacker's Computer

It goes without saying that you should never mess with a hacker. Stealing a hacker's computer would be like stealing his or her children.

Want to know what happens when a hacker gets his computer stolen? Check out this entertaining story that was relayed at DEF CON.

Skip ahead to 3:15 in the video to jump to the start of the story.

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  • chickenhoagie
    this is hilarious hahaha. This guy is the ****. I want someone to steal my stuff just so I could own them like this guy did:)
  • xurwin
    woah. sooo, hackers steal big money from big companies by pirating. then somebody steals their "baby" and look what they can do. it goes to show that those big companies can do nothing to hackers. tsk
  • oopsmyeye
    zoz is my hero of the week.