Firefox 3.7 Alpha 1 Arrives for Preview

Just as we're all enjoying the newness of Firefox 3.6 along with our fancy (or gaudy) personas, Mozilla developers have dropped an early version of Firefox 3.7 that's ready for alpha status.

Of course, those keeping up with the nightly builds of Firefox will say that 3.7 has been available for some time now; but this one is alpha, making it a little bit more ready for developer consumption.

New in Firefox 3.7 is a newer Gecko 1.9.3 engine, support for WebGL, SMIL animations in SVG, and CSS transitions (partial).

Download Firefox 3.7 alpha for Windows, Mac, or Linux.

We should mention that Mozilla last month dropped Firefox 3.7 from its release schedule in favour of concentrating on Firefox 4.0, so expect the efforts made in 3.7 to eventually evolve into the next major release.

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  • Shadow703793
    Umm... FF 3.7a1 has been out since DECEMBER! This is truly late news man.
    Been running 3.7a1 Alpha since January and with the exception of 3 adons, every thing else works fine.

    For those interested in Alpha builds keep an eye out on the Minefield dev trunk.

    Btw, those links give me a 404. Here's where you can grab pre compiled builds:
  • Shadow703793
    One more thing: The latest alpha version is a2. NOT a1 as you stated.
  • chechak
    firefox is good but lately isn't that good i believe it will return as we all know Excellent!!!
    so now iam using Opera its great and I'll wait for new Firefox full 3.7 !!
    how about creepy IE ?
    hope they improve it soon because last one is Err...!!! :P