"Flushed Away" uploader gets felony charge

Columbus (OH) - A man who obtained an advance copy of the animated film "Flushed Away" was arrested and could face as much as three years in prison after he uploaded the movie to the Internet.

27-year-old Salvador Nunez was able to get a copy of the movie after it was sent to his sister, a member of the International Animated Film Society who received the movie in advance because she is an Oscar voter.

After someone tipped the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, the FBI traced the origin of the video to an Academy Award screener, which ultimately led them to Nunez. They found the movie on his hard drive and charged him with copyright infringement.

Nunez also said he uploaded the movie Happy Feet, but there was no evidence to link him to that claim. He is scheduled to appear in court on March 1, where, in indicted, he could face as much as three years in jail.