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Galaxy S3 Beats iPhone 5s and 5c in Touch Accuracy

In the touch era accuracy is important. Just ask anyone drunk-texting his or her ex on a smartphone. One letter can sometimes mean all the difference in the world when auto-correct gets through with it.

Curious about which phone was the most responsive, Finnish tech measurement company OptoFidelity has put three of the more popular models around to the test. They used a robot finger to hit precise coordinates on the screens, and then measured the readings from the device vs. the known position of the robotic hand. The data show that the iPhone 5C and 5S both performed substantially worse than the Galaxy S3.

"Because the touch accuracy is more even in Galaxy S3 than in iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C, you get a lot less typing errors, and letters which are close to the edge are working better.”

Overall this is a pretty unique way to look at the devices, and not one that tends to get a lot of coverage. Sadly, the company’s report only covers the S3, 5S and 5C, but we’d love to perform our own tests comparing a broader range of phones and tablets.