Gang Leader Taunts Police Via YouTube, Gets Six Years Prison


Miami (FL) - Ok here we have the dumbass of the day, maybe of the week. 31-year-old Rudy Villanueva was sentenced to six years in prison after posted a YouTube video daring the police to come after him. The reputed street gang leader brandished an AK-47 in the video that was posted on January 3rd. In the video, he taunted police by saying, "Come get some whenever you’re ready."

So for the local police Christmas does come in twice a year and they happily complied and arrested Villanueva at his apartment. In addition to the AK-47, 780 rounds of ammunition were found.

Villanueva is being charged with a host of crimes including felony possession of firearms. He has 15 prior arrests.

Read more ... AP via Yahoo.

  • spuddyt
    You are saying he told them where he WAS???!
  • gm0n3y
    Maybe he's hoping for an insanity plea? Or maybe there is a stupidity plea?
  • sandmanwn
    Arrested 15 times yet was so sure he couldn't be taken down this time. Sounds like he was on drugs, lots and lots of drugs.