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Nvidia: Intel is Hindering Graphics

CNET reports that Nvidia senior vice president Daniel Vivoli went on NBC's press:here Friday and gave Intel an indirect one-two punch to the midsection. The Nvidia executive claims that the rival company is denying consumers the chance to use Nvidia chips, clarifying that consumers using Intel's Core i series should have the option to use Nvidia's lower-end GPUs.

The dispute between the two chip manufacturers sparked in February 2009. Intel said in a legal filing that its license agreement with Nvidia does not include the Core i series and future technologies. Nvidia, seemingly kicked to the curb, countersued. Friday's overall Q&A session covered the entire 10-year feud between Nvidia and Intel, starting with the initial agreement allowing Nvidia chipsets to work in conjunction with Intel's CPUs, and leading up to the current Core i processor dispute.

But the discussion eventually went into the lower-end market where Nvidia doesn't currently reside with current Intel-based systems. Does Nvidia really want to enter that arena? Vivoli came back with a stern "certainly!"

The main focal point in regards to Vivoli's defense was that mainstream computing has become more complex. Typical, average users are watching Flash-based video on the Internet. They are editing videos and photos. Applications are now requiring more than just the standard CPU, and those mainstream consumers--those who exist in the low-end and mid-range market--should be allowed to access Nvidia's superior technology (over Intel graphics).

"There are new technologies coming to sort through your photos to (for example) find faces of relatives very quickly," he said. "Those activities are much more efficient on a GPU and appeal to the mainstream user. If you buy a low-end PC, you shouldn't be denied the ability to do those things efficiently."

To see the full Q&A session, check out the video listed in several part here.