Which Google Services Are Still Available in China?

With the news that Google is redirecting traffic to Google.cn to Google.com.hk, many people are wondering just which Google services are available from Google China. While Google admits that China can block access anytime, the company has set up an apps dashboard that shows what services are available to users in Mainland China at any given time.

At the moment, it looks like half of the services listed are operating without interruption. Blocked services make up 25 percent and the last 25 percent of services are partially blocked. Completely blocked services include YouTube and Blogger, while Google Docs and Picasa are both partially blocked. Check out the full list below.

Hit up Google's Mainland China service availability page to see a more current version of the list.

[UPDATE] Currently many users in Mainland China are experiencing problems with Web search, images and Google news. Right now, the only services lists as having no issues are Google Ads and Gmail.

  • I really couldn't care less about all this Google-China drama. Got anything else to report?
  • sinfulpotato
    How will they survive without youtube?
  • banthracis
    There are several youtube clones in China ATM that have no restrictions on posting copyrighted materials (they do censor stuff a per chinese government policy though).

    Basically, even if youtube were in china, people wouldn't use it simply because the chinese clones of it offers free moving, etc on top of the stuff normally in youtube.
  • bustapr
    sinfulpotatoHow will they survive without youtube?Exactly what I was thinking.
    I thought google.cn would be blocked also, as you mentiones that in a past article. But a world without youtube is unimaginable to me now.
  • ravicai
    I bet you the moment they banned youtube in China productivity went up 30%.
  • christop
    Totally wrong to censor the net...
  • officeguy
    Communist China. Got to love their government!! This is what happens when other people control your thoughts. Cant do this, cant do that, this service is banned, cant watch porn. I love the USA!!
  • Pei-chen
    officeguyCommunist China. Got to love their government!! This is what happens when other people control your thoughts. Cant do this, cant do that, this service is banned, cant watch porn. I love the USA!!Can't choose not to have health care plan
  • maestintaolius
    pei-chenCan't choose not to have health care planSure we can, all that needs to be done is change who's elected to office in sufficient numbers that will change the policy.
  • LLJones
    Say what you will about the Chinese Gov., but they have managed to control an unreal number of people and make money like no one in history. This is without considering the Trillions owed to them by other countries. They also are not just resting on their laurels. The Russian shipyards are working 365 building new warships, these will include aircraft carriers, for the Chinese. They also are building their Air Force. Again with Russian equipment. Don't kid yourself, Russian aircraft are a match for anything the west can produce but the Russians produce far more of it far cheaper. Hitler learned this the hard way with tanks. China is a world super power and will continue growing in strength because the West will continue to open their wallets for goods made in China. So they will continue to censor and do whatever it takes to keep control of the people as it is working just fine for the Government, not so much the people though, much the same way corporate America works. I love America as well, but dread seeing, America*.

    * A Division of China Inc.