First Complete HTML5 Spec Released

The specifications (HTML 5, Canvas) are far from being final, but have reached candidate status on December 17. There is also a first draft for HTML 5.1 and Canvas Level 2.

The publication of the candidate is on track with W3C's original roadmap, which placed the candidate releases in Q4 2012, along with information about the penetration of HTML 5 features in web browsers, stability of each feature, interoperability of components, as well as an outline of potential at-risk features. The final spec is not expected to be released until Q4 2014.

Web browsers are not adopting the same features at the same pace, but show preference to their respective product strategy, which leaves developers at a state where they can only leverage a limited feature set that all browsers support at the core. It is not unreasonable to expect that it will take at least two more years until all major browsers will support all recommended HTML 5 features.

According to, IE10 currently supports 74 percent of the HTML 5 working draft features, Firefox 76 percent, Chrome 94 percent, Safari 77 percent, and Opera 77 percent.


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  • virtualban
    Hope youtube removes flash completely. I hate how it becomes unresponsive when made to run without hardware acceleration, and I hate how it throttles my gpu when in hardware acceleration.
  • jujuvivi
    So much needed!
    W3C Recommendation:
    HTML 4: 24 December 1999
    HTML 5: Q4 2014 (?)
    15 years after while Internet was in its beginning phases.

    Still, I am impressed to see how much browsers have already implemented (between 74% and 94%).
  • mayankleoboy1
    Firefox 76 percent, Opera 77 percent.

    You mean Opera is more HTML5 compliant than FF ? Then why the hell does Opera render so many sites improperly ?