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iMac Survives Fire; Burnt, Melted, Fully Operational

With the ability to destroy everything you own in record time, house fires can be devastating for sure. Though losing your computer is probably the least of your worries if your entire house burns down, there's still a small chance your baby might survive.

The Unofficial Apple Weblog reports that when Swedish resident Anders Norman's whole house was destroyed in a fire, his iMac survived.

In a translated piece from, Norman writes:

"Unfortunately, the whole house and all things in there completely destroyed, so even the iMac. What's funny is that it is still in operation. While damaged from smoke and dust and partially melted, but yet, however in operation. After I plugged in the burned power cord and wiped off the worst dust from the screen I pressed the melted start button. Imagine my surprise when the startup sound sings from the speakers! The screen turns on and the machine connects to the wireless network. The mouse works flawlessly and the scroll wheel as well. Firefox starts and I take up the article from the local magazine about the fire ... Fantastic! On Friday I bought a new iMac at the Apple Store here in Umeå, which I now rejoice."

Check the pictures of his disfigured but very much alive iMac below. More pictures available on

  • deadlockedworld
    now THAT is a custom case :-)
  • dman3k
    I call this BS. We need verification.
  • Mousemonkey
    It's improved the look of the thing though. :)
  • hakesterman
    Why do yo need Verification, are you afraid Apple's Quality far Exceeds that Microsoft computer you

  • ashrafpasha
    So what? it took apple so long to make something like this and they did not even realized it. Dell and IBM machines have been tested in labs, directly under fire. Works fine.
  • SneakySnake
    hopefully he can still claim insurance on it :P
  • cichy69
    even fire doesn't want to touch that mac $h1T ;]
  • zelannii
    Smoke damage, enough heat to melt the plastic from the keyboard keys, but yet not enough to com bust the mouse, and it clearly wasn't wrapped in flame or on fire itself, just in proximity ot the heat (and given the limited melting, I;d say not in the same room as the fire at all).

    A total loss for a home does not mean it burned to ash. Anything not make of metal or glass would be destroyed by smoke and water, and be unusble, even if it wansn't itself burned. A PC, enclosed in an entirely metal and glass case, and far enough away from direct flame as to not self-ignite and suffer only limited exterior melting (radiant, not direct heat), likely as long as it also avoided significant water it would work. Having been on a desk and not under it, and not having a plastic screen like LCDs, yea, not surprised it's working.
  • dman3k
    Apple and Quality is to Tang and Orange. It's artificial!

    Of course most drivers work when you only have so few choices.
  • pbrigido
    New modding trend? Maybe. Just don't look at me to follow along.