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VOTW: A 2-year-old Goes Hands-on with the iPad

I'm all for introducing children to technology at an early age, but something about this video just makes me cringe. Are her hands clean? Is her little leg long enough to keep the iPad propped up or is going to fall? What if she drops it?

But being fair, this is actually an incredibly smart 2-year-old; she instinctively figures out how to enlarge regular iPhone apps and her experience and skills with her dad's iPhone carries over almost seamlessly. When I was two, anything handed to me was immediately shoved up my nose or crammed in my mouth and my favorite pastime was bashing things off the ground.

Check out the video below to see what this technologically inclined cherub makes of Apple's newest device. Oh, and if you needed anymore proof that Apple left out the camera so they could update the device again in a year this is it; it's the first thing she notices when she's handed the device.

(Via Laughing Squid)