Purported Leaked Images of iPad Mini Emerge

Ahead of the purported iPad Mini announcement on October 17, alleged leaked images of the tablet have emerged.

9to5Mac researcher Sonny Dickson revealed a series of images of the iPad Mini sitting next to the existing third-generation iPad and the iPhone 5 via his Twitter account. On the site itself, 9to5Mac posted mockup screenshots of the tablet, with the blog then pointing towards Dickson's images that are "alleged leaked photos of the iPad Mini."

The aforementioned images showcase the iPad Mini sitting on top of the iPad 3, but don't show the device turned on or its front side. Head on over to 9to5Mac for the full gallery.


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  • sixdegree
    It's only a week left for the official launch date. Quick, someone do a 2-part review for this device.
  • edogawa
    The price won't be small, that's for sure!
  • therabiddeer
    I thought the iPhone 5 WAS the iPad mini?
  • Warsaw
    *yawn* Another apple device that will probably get undeserved attention. Thanks Tom's.
  • viper666
    It's funny how you can anticipate the content of an article just by seeing the editors name, Zak Islam promotes Apple in every article and another one bashes Windows with every opportunity.
  • ushyperion
    Zak Islam works for Apple, they pay him to make positive articles about them xD
  • Looks like a Samsung Galaxy Note to me. Samsung should sue Apple for 1B.
  • assasin32
    Still waiting for Apple to put out a affordable tablet, I don't consider their current prices all that affordable for something that is mainly for media consumption. Where as the same price will net me a decent laptop, rather prefer the prices of the new Nooks that came out and newer Kindle Fires, their in the right price point where I think these tablets should be at.
  • m32
    How long till Apple starts suing other tablet makers over "IT'S" invention of the 7" form factor?
  • billgatez
    I love how apple can' think of any thing new. they take the one success they have a shrink it or make it larger and are like look it revolutionary. But it's the same thing just a difrent size.