iPhone 5S Rumored for Early 2013 Launch

While Apple just released the iPhone 5 back in September, the firm is purportedly preparing to launch the iPhone 5S during the opening months of 2013.

The China-based Commercial Times estimates that full commercial production of the iPhone 5S will commence during 2013's quarter one. During December, the firm is expected to create between 50,000 and 100,000 units.

Due to low yield rates of the iPhone 5 on the assembly line, the paper claims that Apple has escalated plans for the smartphone's successor. Due to the fragility of the former's parts that are used to create the handset, a considerable proportion break before they're shipped.

The Cupertino-based technology giant has surprised consumers with successors to its popular devices just months after a previous iteration's release. On November 2, Apple released the iPad Mini and iPad 4, with the latter launching just 7 months after the third-generation iPad, much to the dismay of customers.

Judging by the commercial success of the iPhone 4S, it's unlikely that Apple will, at least for now, proceed to the iPhone 6 instead. That said, the iPhone 4S had its best-selling smartphone on the globe title taken away recently by Samsung's Galaxy S3, which sold over 30 million units.

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  • extremepcs
    Yeah I'm beginning to think that the "Apple free" version of Tom's will soon just bring up a 404 error.
  • adgjlsfhk
    Apple is committing suicide. Their image in the past has always come from exclusive products that had high prices. This model creates an idea that having the newest apple device carries with it a certain amount of prestige. By bombing consumers with products, They can not have the newest thing anymore, so the need is broken. Once people break a habit once, it is much easier to break again.
  • choobert
    oh look another apple article.
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  • choobert
    oh look another apple article.
  • extremepcs
    Yeah I'm beginning to think that the "Apple free" version of Tom's will soon just bring up a 404 error.
  • neoverdugo
    That was quick. I was starting to wonder if RaPPLE would leave the preview of the rehash iphone5 until next year. (as in Rotten aPPLE)
    Desperate to get money apple?