iPad 4 Announcement Angers 45 Percent of Consumers

Recently, Apple surprisingly announced the fourth-generation iPad just seven months after its predecessor released during March. The unveiling of the tablet, expectantly, hasn't gone down too well with consumers.

According to a study conducted by Toluna QuickSurveys of 2,000 iPad owners, 45 percent of participants were disgruntled by the iPad 4's announcement due to the iPad 3 launch several months ago.

As pre-orders have shown for the iPad Mini (pre-order demand for iPad 4 wasn't as near as high), the revised tablet is receiving a more positive reception. 14 percent of respondents said that they will definitely buy the tablet, while 32 percent stated they will probably purchase the iPad Mini.

Subsequently, 46 percent of respondents are interested in purchasing an iPad Mini, with 21 percent saying they have plans to buy one as a gift.

The iPad Mini and the iPad 4, which Apple is said to be upgrading early next year, will release this Friday.

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  • imsurgical
    Not surprising. Nough said.
  • shmung
    I know right who wants to hear that 6 months after they dropped 500$+ on something the new version came out and that's only if they bought it like day of release
  • Azn Cracker
    Just today, there must be 4 or 5 apple articles written by Zak Islam. Was Steve Jobs his butt buddy or something?
  • mayankleoboy1
    bring on the Nexus 10
  • 45% of Ipad owners are idiots for even caring about ipad 3, clearly showing all they want is the next apple toy on a more cyclical release schedule. Jobs knew this. He knew his fans were all sheep, but he also knew how to control them. 1 year is a pretty standard figure for most people. Renewing something on a yearly basis, even if it's something like computer hardware feels natural to them. They dont quite see it as a rip off since "hey, I do lots of things on a yearly schedule". 7 months is too soon. Not because it's premature from a hardware standpoint, because even 1 year is too soon. But it's too soon for the avg apple idiot to feel comfortable with their yearly upgrade.
  • bit_user
    They should have just called it an iPad 3S. That would have taken some of the edge off.

    As it stands, Apple is finally seeing the down side of its enviable customer base of loyal, price-insensitive early adopters.
  • bluekoala
    I don't understand why these people make more money than I do?
    Maybe I'm the moron in this whole equasion....
    Or maybe I just feel bad about ripping other people off so much that I work hard so I can live with myself better?
    Then again, I have no debt; I probably AM richer than most iSheep
  • I'll be picking one up to replace my iPad 1 :-)
  • reprotected
    bluekoalaI probably AM richer than most iSheepYou're probably more richer than 90% of all Windows users.
  • Au_equus
    45% just found out they are iSheep the other 55% have wandered away from the flock b/c they don't give a ____