First iPad Mini Shipments Sold Out in 23 Minutes

Less than half an hour after its pre-order page opened on Apple's website, initial iPad Mini shipments have sold out.

Apple's product page for the iPad Mini opened at 12:04 AM PT in the U.S., France, Germany, the United Kingdom and Japan. By 12:27 AM in the United States, the Apple store confirmed that the delivery time for the tablet's November 2 launch changed to shipping in "2 weeks" for the 64GB white model.

Shortly after at 12:55 AM, all of the white models showcased 2 week shipment dates, while the black iPad Mini units will ship on its November 2 release date.

Elsewhere, shipment dates for Europe also received a delay. At 12:47 AM PT in Germany, every model in all colors slipped to a two week shipment period. Meanwhile, UK and France Apple stores showed all white models also receiving a two week delay.

Apple's fourth-generation iPad, however, didn't receive the same demand as the iPad Mini. Apple stores showed every model available for delivery on November 2.

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  • azathoth

    I've given up typing the whole lost faith in humanity/ why are people buying this thing. This is the only response left to give. *Facepalm*
  • edogawa
    Why? Seriously? That's expensive for a mini-ipad; throwing money out the window.
  • jhansonxi
    I suspect that many are bought by speculators to resell on eBay. A couple of months of sales figures is more informative.